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Re: [lawman] Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, NZ

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Of course they have a history, and a track record as well. Imagine one small country doing an insane number of tandem jumps. If the NZPIA did not have a history and were not doing their job then these forums would be full of incidents and dramas right? But no- there are hardy any? Why? Somebody or something must be doing their job damn right? So- why is it then that there are 'other' organisations? Answer is very obvious to me and should be to you too? They simply do not meet the high standards or professionalism to be allowed to join the main organisation- so they are forced to have to open their own Micky Mouse side shows?


Over the last two decades several sport and recreational aviation activities have grown into significant commercial operations. In certain cases these activities have been advertised on Tourist Brochures available at Information Bureau’s throughout the country.

The rules for sport and recreation aviation activities were written for pure “amateur” sport and recreation activities, and were not designed for commercial operations. These rules comprise Part 149 Aviation Recreation Organisations – Certification, and the Part 100 series covering Operating Rules for various sport and recreation activities.
While most people operating under these sport and recreation rules act responsibly, the attitudes of some give rise to concern. There is pressure from within the civil aviation system for safety practices and administration to be improved.
Part 149 was never intended to be an operational rule and therefore has no provision for this commercial activity. In any case Aviation Recreation organisations certificated under Part 149, do not have the structure or procedures to be able to assure the Director that hire or reward activities can be, or are being, carried out safely.
In 2003, a further request from Industry and CIRAG to review the need for Part 115 was based on a concern that operational standards might not meet the same levels as Part 135.
In July 2006 the Director agreed to CAA policy recommendations that there is a need to introduce a new CAR Part 115 to regulate adventure aviation. In summary, the CAA policy is to:
• define a new category of aviation activity within the general aviation sector to be called “adventure aviation”;
• regulate the various activities that make up the adventure aviation sector through a new rule
Part 115;
• develop within the proposed Part 115, a set of general requirements for certification that are applicable to all adventure aviation operators with sub parts of the rule containing standards applicable to specific activities;
• include, as a key element of the proposed rule part, a requirement for individual operators to hold an aviation document issued under Part 115; and
• administer the proposed Part 115 utilising industry experience as much as is practicable, consistent with their level of capability and their desire to be involved.
5/CAR/1 Part 115 - Adventure Aviation Project Scope Statement
Civil Aviation Authority 2
“Adventure aviation” will cover any activity or combination of activities, where passengers are carried by air for hire or reward and the primary purpose of the activity is the experience of flight in the aircraft, or of engaging in the aerial activity itself.
So the NZCAA are not happy with the current format, sport aviation privileges are being abused for commercial gain (at the expense of the sport) and the rules are being are currently being re-written to address the ongoing concerns.

Why you don't hear about (most of the) incidents in New Zealand? Because the reports are not published (one of CAA's concerns) and the operators are also very good at sweeping them under the carpet, to protect the integrity of their commercial operations.

The NZPIA are the Mickey Mouse setup, they had the chance to control the industry, and they abused that privilege and ultimately blew it.

The CAA would not have issued any further part 149's if they didn’t feel there was a need for it.

Soon (November 2011) part 115 submissions will begin and then it will become very interesting....

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