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Apr 1, 2011, 12:22 PM

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Re: [riggerrob] Stunts Eclipse manual

Ya know, I'm from that area so I have a lot of experience with the product and the shop. The Eclipse had much potential. Changes were being made slowly by the person who built the harnesses, some other parts and basically ran the shop. He didn't have anything to do with customer relations though.

Shoobi may not have had the most ideal business sense but he treated his employees rather well. His ability to piss people was definitely there so his customer base became rather annoyed. Rightly so but the money went mostly back into the shop and employees and fed his 2 kids.

Shoobi put a lot of effort into paying his employees including benefits. He expanded his La Selva Beach location and eventually remodeled a space in a warehouse in Aptos CA. He then moved operations there. It was much more suited for production.

He was a good designer with a lot of ideas. The person who helped him was good at tweaking his ideas to make them work better. It's too bad the shop wasn't self sustaining because the rig would have become great. He had another rig in the works and unfortunately was never built past one prototype. The name of the rig was leaked and another manufacturer has a popular rig by the same name and one of the features is very similar.

The Tandem was definitely a Vector II knock off. All in all it was pretty good but obviously needed refinement. No need to discuss that but there are plenty of them still in action.

The business was partially sold to Jesse Rodriquez and Bill Dause. I forget the timeline but the place was still based out of Aptos. The person who basically ran the production eventually went back to school. For a few months He worked for Stunts on a piece by piece basis.

The operation moved to Marina and Shoobi was no longer owner. He worked as an employee building harnesses and parts etc. About a year later, Shoobi quit and went back into high dollar finish carpentry.

There was no one in the area able to take over production so all the assets were moved to Lodi and nothing became of it. As an after thought, if Jesse would have moved the operations to a warehouse in the San Jose area, the company would still be in action. Oh well, it had great potential but it didn't make it to mainstream.

Nowadays and for the past 10 years, he works on mansions. For fun, he rides and races road bikes. (bicycles). He still places in the top along side people half his age. Going back into Carpentry was probably the best thing to happen because he's doing rather well. He doesn't bother doing his own rigging work unless he needs too. He didn't even build his own rig and he doesn't pack his own reserve anymore Laugh

So you can think whatever you want. Even though his business sense wasn't that great, he was true to his employees and too a fault, put too much money back into making sure they were going to make it. Movie work money went right back into the shop. He burnt himself out being his own worst enemy, made a few bad decisions (read that as basically screwed up). His ego would get the better of him and that didn't help but he tried, eventually he gave up.

He's a great guy, if I lived closer to his area, I'd go visit. I think I'll give him a call now to see how he's doing.

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