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Mar 23, 2011, 12:20 PM

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Re: [mircan] Neos / JFX comparison?

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Two reasons:
1. Velo is way too aggressive for me. I`m looking for step up from the xfire and would probably go with the Neos, but random rogue openings are a big issue.
JFX is advertised as no-hassle everyday xbraced "for camera work and even for wingsuiting".
So I`m interested in opinions of people that jumped both. How much of a step up is JFX over NEOS and/or Xfire...

2. I`m an Icarus fanboy Wink

Thanks! I didn't really understand where these two canopies fit in relation to the Velo as nobody I know jumps them. That's helps me put a better picture together.

I hope you enjoy whatever you end up with.

Edited to add: Have you considered a Katana? IMO it is a step up from the Crossfire2. Doesn't help you being an Icarus fan though! Tongue

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