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Mar 1, 2011, 10:04 AM

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Re: [stayhigh] When you let go of your student at AFF level 4

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which happens more to you ???
i have such a little aff jumps to say anything but seems like everyone is turning to the left once i let go.

standard otter exit, single instrutor on the main side.

and what do you tell your student to fix the problem??

I hate to ask it, but if it's multiple students and the only common factor is you:

are you drifting upon letting go (video would tell) you could drift left, or release arm before leg, or many things, it's harmless, stick with them:

are you holding them in such a way that it makes them turn that way when you let go (how light are you gripping just prior to letting go, are you pushing down on an arm but not a leg, etc):

other than that....what they said - most don't drift, a few tend to back up - you can usually see that in their body position before release and sometimes you just can't get them perfectly trimmed and you should let go anyway and trust your skill - they gotta learn.

anyway, a light drift on release isn't the end of the world. That's why we teach finding heading and small corrections and turns. Nothing to really retrain on your student if they control the drift after the first bit, just review and practice.

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