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Feb 15, 2011, 7:29 AM

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Re: [davelepka] Dealer Problem

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In August 2009 two friends and I ordered three UPT Microns with PD reserves
the fourth rig was delivered after more than one year minus the reserve.

Was the reserve, by any chance, one of the larger Optimum reserves?

Not that it explains or justifies the lack of a refund, but there were some monumental delays in getting the TSO for the larger Optimum reserves, and I know several dealers were taking orders for them anyway and just waiting for production to start.

So that might explain the delay in delivery of the reserve, but the non-existant refund is unexcusable. I would suggest you check with PD, and report the problem.

With the serial numbers in hand of the reserves you did recieve, you should be able to determine when the order was placed with PD, and if the order was for 3 or 4 reserves. If the order was for four, and four were shipped, the guy kept or sold the 4th to someone else. If the order was only for 3, he might have pocketed the cash. You could also ask if he made any orders or placed a deposit for a reserve that the sale was never completed.

I don't think PD makes a habit of sharing that type of information, but given that the dealer is failing you horribly, they might be able to give you some info pretaining to your situation.

dont think it has something to do with PD or the optimum.. i know very concrete of one guy missing his main-canopy which is NOT from PD, and by the word of the company in question, it was sent out august last year. i was missing out on my main-canopy for a very long time too, i made one call to the manufacturer after numberous unanswered emails, and i havent finished describing my color-pattern, the guy one the phone knew my name and where i lived.. the manufacturer definitely has his shits together, while the dealer..

for some reason, threads about this dealer happened to get locked or disappeared pretty quickly.

seems the dealer in question likes to give the same excuses over and over again, and must have about four mothers, because they all died at one point or another over the course of the last two years..

i kept on backing the guy up. i had some sort of pleasant buisness, tough i also waited very long.

i dont know what is up, but i dont like what i'm seeing. Unimpressed

edited to add: Sangis beat me to it.

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