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Feb 11, 2011, 12:36 PM

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Re: [GLIDEANGLE] What I learned in my first 100 AFF-I jumps.

I'm at the same point and this last season was a blast.

1 - Main side go away. We use ripcords, so for me, when the rip cord clears completely. If the student has a hold of the pilot chute on my rig, well, that's a pretty impressive catch and I'm likely still there to help. Wink

2 - Agree, you can predict so much of what will happen in the air by the ground performance. Use it.

3 - "perfection on the ground". I'm not a fan of this. You can "overtrain" a student to the point where their predicted performance will degrade - an anal instructor has to know when to say "good enough - practical learning is best for the student"

4 - Either instructor can save a folding exit with a good rotation (and it does work for 4-way too). Not just the reserve side.

5 - Eye contact and communication is a great indicator of a good student's ability to be comfortable in the element - if I get good eyes, and response to signals and a mediocre completion of all the required moves (still pass), I'm actually more comfy (going to the next jump) than I am with that student that's all tunnel vision and gets the jump perfect. I emphasize a deliberate "check" and ask for a response pretty much always on the early dives - just to see if they see and understand.

Every jump is as follows:

1 - Communication and relax - eye contact, altitude, etc
2 - junk down (not chest, not hips, not belly, get your junk down) and;
3 - a bunch of things we ask them to do (PRCPs, turns, etc)

We focus on 3 so much, that we can forget that if 1 and 2 happen, 3 is so much easier.

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