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Feb 7, 2011, 2:55 PM

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Re: [4dbill] "Downfall" Hitler parody on Swooping

Thats a pretty good example of the downfall that has become our sport. I was recently at a DZ "dont ask which one" with a new canopy. I couldn't get coaching becuase of my wing loading and jump numbers. I was then told I couldn't jump my canopy for the same reason. I was told because something could happen. Well no shit this is skydiving and something could always happen. At what point in someones life do they become so great, that they trully believe they have a responsibility to make decisions on what is safe or unsafe for someone else. Why don't we all just quit skydiving because that would be safer.
First, I came to that DZ eager to learn more about flying that canopy. So that I could be safer under it.
Second, Not one person actually looked at my logbook to see what my canopy progression was.
Third, I was planning on just doing hop and pops so the danger to other jumpers line is B/S.
Forth I would have absolutely no problem if they had let me do a jump, and if they saw anything dangerous grounded me.
Fifth the whole jump number system has got to go. is is a unfair assesment of any jumper.

I'm not trying to say that i'm some bad ass swooper or even a good canopy pilot for that matter. But I am confident that I can fly the canopy I have with out killing myself or others.

Oh and by the way, the overwhelming majorty of fatal and serious injury canopy related accidents have come from high jump number pilots.

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