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Dec 31, 2010, 6:13 PM

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Re: [BH_Composites] Full-face GoPro Mount Opinions

After my Contour was ripped off of the side of my REvolve helmet after a wingsuit jump by my riser, I decided to figure how to mount my GoPro on top of my REvolve helmet.
Here is a way I mounted my GoPro. I used the latch on top of the helmet as a base to mount the GoPro curved mount. I used the screw in this area of the helmet. I countersunk it into the GoPro curved mount. This screw with the adhesive gave a very secure fit and put the GoPro in a really good position for recording. Pics are included in this post. It would be nice if this plastic piece better formed to the Go Pro adhesive mount. This could be a change BH could make.

Another way Could be to make an independent latch mount that can move on the latch rail. It would need to have a surface that matches the Go Pro adhesive mount. The nice thing about this would be it can move anywhere on the latch rail, which would allow the GoPro to be mounted reverse to view behind you, which rocks for wingsuit flights. It would also work with the visor off.

In the end the REvolve helmet is great. I jumped it in 15 degree temps and it was not only warm as hell but quiet, and did not fog during flight.

Just my 2 cents:)


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