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danielcroft  (D 31103)

Dec 28, 2010, 4:28 PM

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Re: [Ron] "Possibility of 2nd sky-diving company in DeLand creates turbulence "

Based on that article and TK saying that the price hike would put them down $160k/year, you could come to the conclusion that slots would cost ~$2.30 more. That's not counting tandems or AFF obviously. Z-hills charge $24.50 per jump ticket and you can get discounts if you buy them in bulk.

Just wanted to get that out there because I was curious.

As for the "Ranch people aren't welcome at z-hills" anymore, I agree that these issues have nothing to do with the average skydiver. I also agree that people at either DZ will come to some conclusion about this situation. Has it affected the number of people visiting zhills this year? Yes, it has. This situation didn't affect me in any way because I'm not doing a skydiving trip this year. Frown

I would also like to point out that even the Blue Sky Ranch email said Free Fall Express -v- Skydive City, not Blue Sky Ranch so there's a distinction there.

As for "facts to back that up", as I said earlier, I'm basing my comments on information that's in the media, i.e. what's publicly available. Can we trust the media? Probably not but you can probably trust them a little more than hearing from one of the involved parties and we've only heard from one of them. Point is, the truth is normally somewhere in the middle.

In reply to:
No one is shooting him down for not having a contract. We are saying that without a contract he cannot force an issue that he only *thinks* exists.
Agreed but when you have TK on this board admitting that there were verbal contracts and nothing written down, verbal contracts that go back years apparently then I find myself wondering.

As for Deland, I wouldn't have done that based on what I know about the situation.

I would like to jump at the Farm though. Cool

Anyway, I've been staying away from this thread because almost everything I have to say is off topic (it's about DeLand after all) so apologies for that.

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