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Dec 21, 2010, 12:13 PM

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Re: [DiverMike] "Possibility of 2nd sky-diving company in DeLand creates turbulence "

Pilots know they aren't supposed to fly a plane unless they are fully qualified to do so. It is exactly the same.

Ah, except that many (incorrectly) think a higher rating qualifies you for a lower rating when it comes to the FAA. And in many Countries it is true. Nowhere is driving on an expired license OK. It is clearly not the same.

Nothing in that statement indicates I ever used illegal drugs. I do not admit to having smoked illegal drugs. (especially not on a public forum)

I no longer smoke the silly stuff but I probably would if I wouldnt get fired for it.

"No longer" means you did at one time.

I was not advocating lying by omission

go with Don't ask Don't Tell, I was advising not going to the authorities
You are telling him to not find out, and not to mention it. That is exactly 'advocating lying by omission'.

I was disagreeing with someone who thought actions I considered unsafe were safe.

OK, all I did was disagree with your analogy.

I never claimed to be a safe pilot (or skydiver). I personally don't think there is such a thing. We all take calculated risks which are often less safe. IMHO any skydiver who uses less than a NAV 280 and performs any turns below 300 feet isn't safe. Your opinion may vary.

You seem more than willing to pass judgment here.

Give an example of how a properly rated twin commercial pilot is unsafe flying a single engine airplane that he is current on?

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