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Dec 16, 2010, 5:53 PM

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Re: [NYKid] board of directors taking sides

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So don't vote for her. I'm always glad when a candidate give me a reason to vote for or against them. Would you rather the candidates keep their opinions to themselves?

Once elected, speaking their minds can be a little more dangerous. She knows all about that.


Dave you are 100% correct and She was kick off the board once before mainly from my understanding for not keeping her mouth shut and costs me/you (USPA) money. So why would anyone want her on the board again or how she could even run again is beyond me.

NYKid - you are absolutely wrong about 'kicked off the board'.
I was not kicked off the board.
Please get your facts straight.
You and the vast majority of USPA members do not know what transpired.
I do and have extensive documentation on that.
In fact, a lot of the information I had and talked about was brought up in the SDA v. SR lawsuit.
I testified in the jury trial and a later appearance before the judge.
My testimony was critical to the judgments by the jury and the judge that have awarded $9.6M to Skydive Arizona.
These judgments would not have happened if SR could prove that what I was saying was incorrect or distorted.
What I said was the truth and backed up by documentation.

What certain persons on the USPA board and the USPA lawyer did not know were the details.
Those small minded persons did a dis-service to USPA.
The SR folks were the people doing something wrong, not me.

I would think that USPA members would prefer a director that speaks up and stands by the truth, even at great personal sacrifice, as opposed to a 'good-ole-boy' that pays lip service to the membership.


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