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Dec 14, 2010, 5:22 PM

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The 8th Annual St. Patrick Day Celebration Boogie:March 17-20 2011:Fitzgerald,Ga.:USA

That's right kids, it's that time again. Time to start making plans to be in Fitzgerald,Ga. the 3rd weekend of March for the St.Patrick Boogie. I'm not feeling motivated right now so this will be short and sweet and Hopefully I can get Skymama to edit it later.Smile

For my non-skydiving friends we do offer tandem skydives at this event and I throw a hell of a party.

So far I have 2 Otters and a Skyvan lined up for the event. A big thanks goes out to Skydive The Farm for once again closing down for the weekend and bringing their Otter down for the event. The other two aircraft are once again coming from Skydive Spaceland in Houston,TX. I have talked to Trey at Skydive Atlanta about possibly bringing the KingAir down but that will need to be confirmed and will depend on expected turnout. I have a line on two choppers, we'll see if that works out this year.

We have Ed coming back with the hot air balloons. I will start taking prepayment on balloon slots soon.

We will be hosting Team Georgia again this year for a planned attempt on the Georgia State Formation Skydiving Record. The existing record is a 64 way that has stood since the late 90s. Their attempted 64 way last year was missed by one grip I believe.

As usual there will be organizers for all experience levels. If you know someone that would like to organize at the event have them contact me.

I'm still working on some of the entertainment aspects, I will post those details as they come. As usual there will be music, our legendary bonfire and some other form of debauchery. Willing to listen to suggestions.

We are making some changes to the website. will take you to a redirect page to my new site .

Facebook link here.

When it comes time to ask a question feel free to ask here but chances are the question has already been asked and you can probably find the answer there in the current thread or the ones from the last two years. There is already a lot of info there from the last two years and it is easier for me to answer questions in one place and easier for other to find the info there in the forums I control.

For those that haven't been we lease a building that is right off the airport property and take control of a 25 slot RV park. Really 50 slots cause the slots are huge and there is 50,30and 20 amp service. Unlimited tent camping, bathrooms and showers on site. Hotels,food,WalMart,and liquor stores within a mile of the event. We operate off of a 4000x 300 ft grass runway that is used as a landing area and also about 15 acres next to the runway. The entire south Georgia area is an out to land in.Laugh

Again, I will post info as it becomes available. Please feel free to help keep the thread here at fresh and help me keep SkyMama on her toes. Laugh

Standard boogie rules apply. If you say you're coming and then can't,we don't need to hear it. If anyone misses you they will drunk dial you.

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