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Dec 7, 2010, 4:58 AM

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Re: [NexGenSkydiver] What rig do you own and......

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Being able to use my everyday rig for doing test jumps or intentional cutaways with hand deployed canopies, that was clean and liked nice, would be nice for me.
Got me one... its nice... Cool

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On a side note I would love for Vigil to come out with some unit that you could turn off after you have deployed your main, by like pulling a pin out or putting a pin in a unit.
Not to say this shouldn't be an option for those that want it... just ironic... the earliest AAD's had to be turned off after the main opened as they had no vertical speed sensor, only altitude. Laugh


PS - There was a question about which (old) AAD I was refering to that had to be dis-armed... I think it was the original Sentinel (not MK2000)...
FMI see

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