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Nov 29, 2010, 9:44 PM

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Re: [LouDiamond] TIs with their own Tandem rigs?

 I've done a lot of math on this guy for our DZ (I'm on the board now as treasurer) and here is what I've figured...

Assuming that a TM puts on between 100-200 jumps per season, lets make the following assumptions...

a. Figure $400 in replacement parts per year (drouge and bridle are 2-year parts, et cetera)
b. 2 Reserve repacks at $75 each
c. Subsidize an AAD cost + maintenance of $175 per year
d. Give your tandem investment a useful life of 9 year
e. 4 year and 8 year check-ups at the manufacturer
f. Relines every other season at $500

So, if you have a used rig (lets say $4,500) then your true cost is about $12-$17 per jump (depending on how much you use it, 100 or 200 jumper per year) and about $25-$30 per year if you have a new rig, lets say $12,000.

I like that model, because it seems that the standard at most DZ's is about $35 per jump set aside for tandem equipment.

*this is how it worked to our DZ, but I also figured in that we traded in our SET400 for a 366

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