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Nov 3, 2010, 5:35 PM

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Re: [cornishe] Abbie Mashaal for National Director

‘Parachutists and DZs should make their own decisions about their jumping and their business in their states. We should minimize new regulations and convince FAA to apply to parachuting its current aircraft, airshow and experimental equipment category rules; jumpers should be able to do low-altitude demos and jump personal homebuilt gear just like pilots can.

No hate here, but the above info is the main reason you didn't get a vote from me. We have way bigger issues to deal with in regards to the FAA in terms of airport access and skydivers dying under working parachutes to operators who flaunt their bad MX in the industry and bringing down the heat on all operators.

As the current FAR's stand now if you want jump a bed sheet or bail out @ 50 ft have at it the FAA could care less as long as you don't endanger people or property on the ground when you do it. The USPA dose not need some new BOD pushing some lame off the wall agenda and undoing years of good work to have us where we are today in regards to how the FAA sees the USPA today. The USPA has been able to keep a lot of crap in the last couple years from coming down on us because they are respected, we have enough people in the ranks trying to undermine the industry as it is.

Your time would have been better spent showing how you got other airport users to support your use of a towered airport and how you got those other businesses to welcome you.

As for base jumping, well that is all cool and all that but it has no business being a part of USPA or sport parachuting, mainly due to the stupid actions of a few morons over the years (ELcap) and those who still continue to do stupid shit like jumping out of airplanes with wingsuits and hitting a bridge in front of a lot of people while using a base rig, that is shinning a big huge spot light on sport skydiving in the FAA ranks because an airplane was used to do it, and we just don't need any of that shit being tied to USPA or skydiving.

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