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Nov 1, 2010, 4:02 PM

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Re: [billvon] First Cutaway, jump 30, and got my A too

Thanks billvon! Yeah I am not yet well enough educated with the mechanics of the lines and cells and all to say for sure, but we (at the dz) seem to have deduced it was a "lesser" type of line over, what you describe as a partial, with a steering line involved, because it was only a portion of the left of the canopy affected..

You are right though, we'll never really know.. body position is only one factor among many (shit, I deployed in an uncontrolled flail at about 2.5-3k on my second attempt at a L3 release dive Shocked and wound up with only a few line twists!)

I do find it interesting that it was a left side brake fire/toggle fuck-up, and also line-over issues on that left side- wonder if they played into each other (or is that an obvious question, because the tension on the lines would be different/linked during deployment.. duh lol).

It's quite possible if I played around a bit I may have been able to fix it, I guess I'll never know for sure (but, I am happy I chopped it!!) Yeah with a bit more altitude though I possibly could have gotten a bit more aggressive with it.. I think the spin and shaky feeling freaked me out, and I actually do have the opposite problem of many skydivers (I am overly conservative, not the other way around, with inputs.. still not good, but at least I don't think you'll read about me doing a low hook turn in incidents..)

I did make one single attempt to pressurize, but perhaps not as aggressively as I could have. It is possible that could have done it if I was more aggressive and kept at it; with my experience level I had no idea, but I felt that once I had tried a few things and not gotten it figured out at that point, I did not want to waste time that could (was!) used for prepping to fly a new canopy (the reserve) and getting used to flaring it, playing around with its responses, etc.. by 3k I guess i felt I had done all I was comfortable doing at my level, and didn't think it was fixable/land-able, but had it been, I could have found that out too low for my comfort! Tongue

Thanks for the insight on the situation.. are you generally wanting to use both toggles, or mostly inputs on the side that is screwy? I couldn't remember and that is a big part of why I may have been timid with an attempt to pressurize it and fix the line, because I did not want to damage the canopy or worsen the situation (though realistically, when you are on the brink of a cutaway, it's hard to "worsen" things too much haha)

As for the downsize, what happened was they wanted to get me transitioned to the 210 one or two months ago, and have me on 190 or 170 by now, but I tried them on at the time and they were too loose in the legs, so I was relegated to jumping the 240 until my rig arrived.

Then we had a bunch of AFFs yesterday, and we were fighting (nicely) over the small-harnessed 240, and they said to give the 190 a try again- and it actually did fit (I don't know the deal, whether the person who tried it on with me before was mistaken about proper fit, if I didn't pull the leg straps all the way when I first tried it on? *shrug* And NO I didn't gain 30 pounds lol (I hope!) Shocked

I mean, I couldn't tighten them as much as I am used to on the 240, but it was snug/safe, no worries. I had been having major issues w/ overshooting and floating away on landings, and my rigger and instructors speculated that a big part of that was the wing loading on the student 240-- a 0.65:1

Since landing *location/accuracy* was the issue (not my ability to flare properly or safely) my instructors/mentors said they actually thought I would be safer and more successful on something a little closer to 0.9-1:1; it was just a matter of thinking (erroneously, probably because I was being a dumbass when I first tried it on) that none of the smaller mains had harnesses that could fit in the leg straps. Thus we thought I needed to keep with a 240 longer than otherwise ideal.

As someone else said, I am actually now still well below 1:1.. and while a reserve is obviously a different beast, both size of this one, and general construction and piloting, I felt comfortable landing it, both pattern/location, and the flare (at least it was a low winder hop n pop. so no "out" reserve landings for me! (yet)

Also, yes I did put Sabre2 in the profile, but I shouldn't assume that is accurate for certain. It might not actually have been a S2- I was guessing until I find out for sure, since my understanding is that students fly Navs and transition/rentals are Sabre2s.. but not completely confident in that so don't quote me!

As I said I and others seem to think that I am pretty conservative canopy pilot (sometimes too conservative with toggle corrections or pattern adjustments, but I'm gettin' there!), and don't plan to "downsize" (beyond the transition to my 170/176R next season w/ my own gear) but I do think it's a good wing loading based on the charts I have read, and based on my instructors' feedback.. I'd say no if I felt uncomfortable, but I do trust my instructors and riggers, and I felt/feel good with the decision.. (well, unless there is a crucial piece of info that I lack, lol- but my experience leads me to think it was a good and safe call, and experienced folks discussed w/ me..)

I do agree, though, that it is a huge-sounding decrease-- 50 sq ft difference! But as one rigger explained to me, it's not just the *difference* between them in sq ft, it is the other factors like the properties of the canopies in question, the wing-loadings involved, and the sizes being compared as well (i.e. a 240 to a 190 is much less scary than a 150 to a 104 though the second is actually a smaller change in WL!)

Thanks for your input all!! I like that others look out for folk here (and at the non-cyber dz too), and am always open to input and ideas about safety etc.

Ok I have written another novel, time to go spank myself.. Angelic

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