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Nov 1, 2010, 2:44 PM

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Re: [popsjumper] First Cutaway, jump 30, and got my A too

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So.....Sky Knights SPC has a bunch of "Go Idiots"....good to know.

Especially good to know that it was directed at a youngster.

Well, I will say that overall the amazing people FAR outweigh the idiots- but it is still not okay! I will say I switched dzs at 5 jumps and am more than happy to drive the extra thirty miles to get there.. it's worth it!

I have had two "go" experiences in the door in 30 jumps- and I agree with the poster who says there is no reason to hesitate too long in the door.. but, at risk of flaming for sharing an opinion like this at my experience level, I do think it is highly inappropriate for a jumper on student status especially, and who has experienced an injury on exit in the past, for anyone to add pressure in the door unless it is a life or death situation like pilot calling to get out NOW.

I was not just sitting on my ass either, I opened the door, looked out, and literally within 1-2 seconds, almost simultaneously, the light went yellow to green, and the shout of "go" came forth as I was crouching to exit poised (yellow had been on till then and I was looking for the airport).

But really I need to realize that people are gonna do it on occasion whether I like it or not, and I don't feel I have any authority to bitch them out over it.. it sucks, but I can only control myself, not anyone else. I guess barring a radical cultural shift in the "go go go" mindset that pops up on occasion, I just have to access that inner focus on the skydive, that others should not be able to take away from me.

Still I see it as a chain of events- the nervousness at the go and quick unstable exit could have contributed to the additional issues with the main and thus the cutaway-- but you can't over-analyze that shit to death, and I am not mad at anyone. (And no, I make NO implication that any comment made by anyone was the root cause of the cutaway- just pointing out more rhetorically how seemingly little things all add up to create situations, in any setting really not just jumping!)

Looking back I actually considered closing the door and riding the plane down to make a point LOL, but when you are put on the spot like that, it f'ing sucks. But in their defense, SK-SPC folk are some of the most passionate, helpful, and giving people I have ever met. (That said-- stfu when a student is in the door, ya'll!! Angelic)
Oh and ridestrong.. I wouldn't say I am timid in the door teehee.. though it is possible that since I am pretty new at spotting I took longer than I thought or the green came on sooner than I noticed the shift, but I don't think so.. but yeah- I can't wait to get the frick out of that plane lol.

My nerves have shifted now from exit fears, to pull/opening fears. But maybe now that I have handled that too, it'll be less nerve-wracking..

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