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Aug 15, 2010, 2:43 PM

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Re: [ianmdrennan] Scirocco - new x-braced main by Skylark

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Who's to say PD hasn't experimented with a number of different combinations?

I remember a while back, Icarus had a 11 cell prototype they never ended up taking to market.

dfrom what I am told, PD got a glimps of NZaerosports' NZbrace system and tried to copy it but couldn't get it right, they called it the z brace before aerosports had a name for it.

I believe Icarus spain has been working on an 11 cell with inflatable stabalisers for some time, I believe the inflatable stabalisers 'are' the 10th and 11th cells. but that was from a sponsored athlete bragging not the company.

NZaerosports has still got thier next canopy up thier sleeves I beleive also.

Those that were around will remember the VX was announced, with printed brouchures the very moment the velocity was announced at the 99 pia symp..

PD being the big player needs to make a move before we get to see the next toys....

Either that or one of these more obscure companies getting podium results...

But it apears that JVX and velo are kneck and kneck in performance right now, if this new canopy can do something to disrupt the top swoopers....

I sure hope so.Sly

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More cells != more performance.

Not necessarily, more cells equals more lines which equals more drag...

More lift equlas a shorter recovery arc so less speed generated...

The JVX has a much thinner profile and more cells than a velo, but they seem compoarable in performance even with a shorter recovery arc.

This I beleive is why the JFX was developed, to test that theory in the feild.

I know at least one company has experimented with quad cascade lines to try to reduce parasite drag...

It seem though the orange dental floss that you PDFT guys are using is the way forward.

so much to learn.

But as I say, this is all my opinion, not necessarily the companies'.

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