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Crohnie  (B 36319)

Aug 9, 2010, 11:16 PM

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Re: [chutem] Paul Hardin

I only knew Paul for a month but I am deeply saddened to see him go. I did the majority of my AFF progression with him and it was wonderful to learn and fly with such a great person. He was truly an amazing man and he will be greatly missed.

He made me feel more than welcome and relaxed in a sport that is daunting and terrifying to a beginner. I felt close to him early on because he was so happy to sit and bs when there were clouds or downtime at the DZ.

He seemed to truly care and I could tell how passionate he was for the sport. On my first release skydive he moved to my main side for me to practice 90 degree turns and when I moved to face him something finally 'clicked' and I understand how to fly my body better. I got a huge smile and his face lit up and got a thumbs up as he tracked away after I pulled. When I got to the ground he ran up to me and congratulated me and told me reactions like mine were the reason he loved teaching so much. That is such a simple thing but to me now it holds so much power and is a memory that I will never forget.

Even though our time was fleeting I am happy to have known and learned from him. I can only hope his family and friends can find peace with his passing and that he is in a better place somewhere.


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