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Jul 20, 2010, 7:56 AM

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Re: [Meso] Stream your YouTube Videos on

In addition, YouTube uses services from Akamai to spread the distribution of videos out to a massive network of servers that are dispersed world-wide. Content is moved and cached between servers so that the consumer (you) are watching the video from the best source possible relative to where you are. There is probably much more to their formula, but thats the gist of what they do. is probably hosted at a single location, so everyone goes to that one location to watch videos hosted on the site. This can cause issues for streaming quality if a lot of folks are watching, or if there is a bottleneck between you and Akamai/YouTube reduces some of those risks by eliminating some amount of distance and hops.

Also, using YouTube to distribute the videos vs. hosting them locally probably reduces the overall costs for running as they aren't paying the bandwidth to stream all those videos. Or maybe their ISP costs are fixed, in which case its just a matter of performance.

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