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Jul 7, 2010, 3:15 PM

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Re: [rehmwa] Tandem Jokes

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Skydiving professionals continue to forget that the experience is for the customers, not part of the instructor's personal skydiving hobby, so things like teasing, entertaining themselves at the expense of the customer, talking aside (but just loud enough) about 'tips', off color jokes, flirting, etc are not something we should attribute to a 'professional'.

Very true.

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Being amusing as a method of getting the student to be comfortable is fine and expected and can add to the student's fun - but how often do we see the line being crossed significantly for just the amusement of the instructor or the surrounding up-jumpers?

often enough. too much!

But there is such a thing as being a stiffo, not fun, boring, bland...

some customers want to be freaked out, some want to be comforted, some will have a good sense of humor and some will not.

This is part of the job description and an instructor that 'never' jokes with their customer is a wanker, as much as one that does it every time!

If a customer is cursing and swearing it is then o.k. to let a couple of light weight swear words out (if you are that way inclined), but not when others can hear. It is mostly about getting on a level and making your customer feel comfortable with you.

Just as much as if your customer is some christian self proclaimed goody two shoes, you will have to be careful not to say what they consider curse words...

There is more to being a tandem instructor than plummeting and pulling strings....

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