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Jun 26, 2010, 11:12 PM

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Re: [loumelton1] What's happening at Elsinore?

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Lisa has named some good Instructor's (Tom and Matt) but I do not think that she has received any instruction from them. As for DSE, hanging out at the end of the day does not qualify as Skydive instruction. Elsinore does have some really good Instructors, Tandem and AFF, but those that were lost had great qualities and will not be easy to replace. Elsinore seems to now be more interested in numbers and not quality. People come and go from DZ's, that's a fact of life, but when 5 full time instructor's leave in a short amount of time something is wrong.

Why don't you stop being a pathetic coward and just tell us who you are....wait we already know!!

At this point how much I looked up to you means nothing; why dont you just shut the fuck up and go on with your life?


Oh time you try and hide like a coward on the internet you should read up on a little detail called an IP Address! Opps my bad you are a mac guy so all the technical jargon confuses you....sorry bout that Sly

EDIT: OMG this is so frustrating. Not only did I forget to single out the most awesome female instructor ever; the one and only Yong!! My FJC instructor and Coach instructor (along with the well-know Elsinore-Hack; Mr. Jay Stokes). But after speaking with Niklas Daniels earlier today; I am going to the Perris Tunnel with him for 10 minutes of camera suit flying, for $5 less than straight tunnel time; plus free coaching from the man himself. I will admit I approached him on it; but he was more than eager to make this happen. If only I did not jump at Elsinore maybe I could have gotten someone a little more skilled than Mr. Daniels. For those of you who don't know who he is...well just pick up any recent issue of Parachutist or Blue Elsinore Rocks!

I will sum up this entire thread now!

Question: What's happening at Elsinore?

Answer: Pure, Uncut AWESOMENESS!!!

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