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Jun 21, 2010, 9:30 PM

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Re: [The111] Go Pro- Is it a Camera or not?

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To those who don't like others touching your gear, I challenge you to find ONE documented example where a skydiver was injured/killed because he let another skydiver touch his rig on the plane.

I don't know about anyone being killed, but I do know that an experienced jumper had never seen a bridle routed the way I route it and when pulling my pin cover he pulled my pin. My reserve pin cover is off limits.
FWIW, for the eval jumps I route my bridle like most others, and still had it popped on the ground.
In 11 gear checks yesterday alone, my pin was popped on the ground. No one died when my pin was popped in the plane, but there wasn't enough time to re-close the container in the plane and I wasn't happy about riding back down.

There are those I trust and those I don't. I don't want others touching my gear without first asking (if for no reason other than courtesy). I'd submit many others feel the same. As an examiner, there are jumps where you *have* to trust, and hope nothing happens.

Back to the original post/point...a small format camera is a camera, and of course is a distraction.

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