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pilotdave  (D License)

Jun 21, 2010, 6:42 PM

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Re: [ridestrong] Go Pro- Is it a Camera or not?

I think it's funny that everyone is so afraid of getting their gear touched by anyone else. We all trust each other to know their gear is safe, but if they touch our own, it's the end of the world. What exactly do you think someone might do back there? I mean don't get me wrong, I don't need tandem students playing with my gear, but if a jumper with more experience than me decides there's something they feel the need to check out back there, I'm usually going to be ok with that. It's nice when they ask first, but in a loud jump plane things happen.

This sport requires us to trust each other. When your pin falls out as you climb out, everyone else could pay the price. Every licensed skydiver SHOULD know how to give a gear check. You don't need to trust them all, but you should learn to trust some of em. Our gear is all about the same. Yours (not to anyone in particular) isn't special.

Back on to the topic of this thread, its starting to look like we should be handing out gopros at first jump courses because everyone's going to have one soon enough. In my experience, most of the new jumpers using them don't even know the SIM has any recommendations for camera flying.

I was just talking to an old timer with 2000+ jumps who's been in the sport forever. He told me he tried a gopro for a while just to get some inside video of his own jumps. He found it so distracting that he got rid of it. And yet everyone with 50 jumps doesn't get distracted at all. It's a miracle.


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