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d123  (B 6134)

Jun 15, 2010, 11:45 AM

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Re: [artard] Stilleto as a Student Canopy

> This dude is either a troll or a fucking idiot why are people still responding to him

At work, bored, nothing good on the TV. You know, the usual reasons.

I've made 3 good jumps sunday. one 3 way FF back and sit. I've actually succeeded to do a sit fly exit out of navajo. I've played more with docs from sit (not there yet). We've open high and we got close under parachutes (I love that, I could play for hours and hours) nothing radical just geeking at eachother, looking at the beautifull sky and having fun while getting high on life. Last jump hop and pop from cessna and I've landed in a light downwind to have a long flare. Don't know who you are but for me it makes my day and it last for few days. When I talk about it I re-love/live it Smile Ooops I've just got high again Tongue

Edit to add: Ahh Yeah, I've forget to tell you. We've finish the day with longboard slides downhill. One of our riggers is an ex longboard champion and he's teaching us cool stuff. I love this DZ.

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