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Baksteen  (C 708753)

Apr 23, 2010, 7:34 AM

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Re: [feuergnom] Paperwork for travelling jumpers worldwide - please contribute

Aw hell; I'll give it a go. Other Dutch jumpers, feel free to correct me.

Translated from the Royal Dutch Aeronautical Association (RDAA) regulations:

1) Yes. BUt the regulations are not very clear on what document is considered appropriate.

2) a valid skydiving licence, recognised by the (foreign equivalent of) the RDAA. Students are a special case; I wouldn't know the official policy. Dutch students get an oefenvergunning" ("permit to practice") after completing their FJC, which in this context also counts as a 'licence'.

3) [I don't understand]

4) Reserves must be repacked by a Dutch senior or Master rigger or foreign equivalent, as per the manufacturers guidelines. A 'rigger seal' is mandatory, except if if the reserve is packed by a rigger from a country were sealing is not permitted.
A packing card including serial#must be shown.

4a) Repacks are 6 months. I don't know about longer nor shorter cycles in other counries.

5) AAD+serial+maintainance is described on a logcard.

6) Main: serial is described on a logcard, but no inspection cycles are recorded.

7+8) H/C are decribed on a logcard. Serial needed.
Gear used by foreign jumpers is evaluated for airworthiness (sp?) by an instructor/rigger.
Note: this includes whether or not the I/R thinks the jumper should actually be jumping that canopy.

9) Responsible for airworthiness: ultimately, the owner.

Other papers:
- a logbook
- a membership certificate of the Royal Dutch Aeronautical association (or a foreign equivalent).

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