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Mar 2, 2010, 9:39 AM

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Re: [JohnMincher] Valley Mills, Texas History

I remember showing up at Cleveland as a very green skydiver. After jumping at Docs and Austin Paracenter it was certainly a change - no baby sitting at this DC.

The 1st time I drove up and got out of the car, I think the DZ was 1 short of a load. I was asked how many jumps I had, was I packed, and told I was going floater. I was on the plane about 5 mins after I arrived, asking the jumper next to me what is a "floater"?

After my 1st day I had made about 4 jumps and was just glad to land in open spaces and not in the woods. I also got to witness,, beer light on at noon, many "safety" meetings, tracers bouncing down the runway after dark and the Bottrell Brothers shooting fence posts in half with some sort of huge caliber rifle.

Lots of great memories there.

I remember a day where Arnie(?) The Norwegian spotted a load a bit long. He disappears for a few hours after the rest of us get back. He then shows up with a trash sack of mushrooms that immediately disappear..... It seems he was spotting himself for some mushroom prospecting. The DZ got very entertaining for the rest of that day.

It was here also I learned about Capt. Bluebottle. I was sitting in the rear of the DC-3 as we were climbing and looking up behind the door to the cockpit and seeing people clustered together. It looked like they were breathing air from a scuba regulator. I had no clue what was up and asked. Oh, that is Capt. Bluebottle. It took me awhile to figure what that was about. No wonder everyone was so happy on jump run. lol

Cleveland was great fun and I jumped there a full summer before going back to college and back to Austin Paracenter. It was gone the next summer when I was back in Houston.

A summer I will not forget. No rules skydiving, take care of yourself, pull before you bounce, this DZ ain't your mommie. I never felt unsafe there as it was my job not to be stooopid.

Today's DZs don't remember a "wild" DZ really is.

ed naylor

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