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Feb 18, 2010, 1:24 PM

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Re: [JerryBaumchen] Techno Reserve Canopy

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PS) The original concept of a TSO standard was for an emergency parachute only; the FAA never considered that some 'different' thinking people might want to make an intentional jump.

I think that sport vs. emergency distinction is what Jerome is getting at.

For example, I've seen an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) report online about parachute certifications. It lists the certifications of all sorts of emergency rigs that fall under its responsibility. But otherwise:
Personnel parachutes within the scope of EASA are parachutes designed for wearing or installation on
board of an aircraft within the scope of EASA for use in case of an emergency. All other parachutes are
under the responsibility of the relevant Member States.

Between that and what Jerome wrote, suggests that there's some tendency to split sport and emergency chutes in Europe.

PS - Jerry B. must be right about the Paracommander, because on the EASA list next to various emergency rigs and canopies, 3 different sizes of Paracommander are listed. Not that I'd want one as a reserve!

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