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Jan 29, 2010, 11:49 PM

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Re: [riggerpaul] USPA Safety Day advertisement

It is a jumpers responsibility to jump safely and DZ's responsibility to provide safe aircraft and operate them in a safe manner.

It is NOT safe to offer climbing passes with no cut and no flaps ESPECIALLY in low tailed aircraft, i.e. King Air, Beech 99, PAC750, Caravan.

IT has not, now will ever be, and the USPA has been on board with that idea for MANY years. Long time aircraft operators agree as well, including one of the most notable King Air operators in skydiving, Mike Mullins. One only needs to look at the significant number of fatalities and incidents cause through no cut climbing exits to see it's a bad idea.

Hell, even instructors at the dropzone being discussed know it's foolish and have said as much.

It's not just about the jumper who leaves in a climbing exit's safety, but that of everyone else on the aircraft being put at risk.

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