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Dec 17, 2009, 4:46 PM

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Re: [captain1976] Camp Lake Wisconsin

Wow, glad to see I'm not the only one around (they're dropping like flies) from that era and thanks everyone for the memories.

I also jumped at Pigfarm in Bristol (Run by Rich Winfield and Frank ??? long Polish name. I lived about 3 doors down from Frank and would visit him often. I speak with Rich on occasion and he lives in Missouri.

Made a few in the 70's at East Troy and of course Hebron was my home base as I operated it from 74 to 76, but jumped there before and after until it closed in 1985.

I even made a few at Rainbow Airport in Franklin, WI and I think it was managed for a larger company out east by a guy named Bob Young. We used a Cessna 195 there.

Jim Stoyas floated around several DZ's but made Heborn his home in the early 80's as he is the one who purchased our AN-2.
His last jump at Hebron in 1982 was a real tragedy (I was the pilot) and Gabe did pass away last year. I jump now at East Troy in the Summer and he was a regular spectator in his final years (I think he was a stroke victim).

Any other memories? keep 'em coming. Smile

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