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rhys  (D 95)

Dec 17, 2009, 3:46 PM

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Re: [RIGGER] Hand Cam Techniques

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3.Exit & Drogue deploy - NO deployed drogue check (watch up) & NO handles check - why a TI is so sure that all is good above his/her back & all handles are there as should ? During free fall her left hand is around the TI's left hand / TI's left hand is in front of her (Handy cam)- risky !!!

I look at my drogue, not everytime but I do look. It should feel the same everytime, sometimes it 'feels' like i'm going mauch faster so i check but for the most part, once you have 2000+ tandems you should be able to feel that everything is O.K, I use my feet to ensure there is no entanglement with my sudents feet ( a concern of mine) but if the drouge is not deployed correctly you should know just by what happens to you.

Handles you can see, at least if you jump in shorts an t shirt like we all do here, in colder climates this can be more of an issue with jumpsuits and extra layers etc.

I will not put the customers video out of frame just to touch the handle when it is plain and obvious that it is in place and visible.

these rules are good to have there, I know of an incident where the TM did not throw the drogue (at all!) and wondered when they pulled the drogue release, why nothong happened.!!!!!! reserve ride wit drouge in pouch after 12k skydive!!!!!!!

That will never happen to me for that I am sure, if it did I would be taking a serious look at myself and reconsidering my career options, awareness is awareness, whether your touch you handle or simply look at it, you 'should' KNOW whether it is in place or not.

I only ever touch the blue golf ball after exit if I have a hard pull on the orange one, 'both' times that has happened It has been no problem locating it as I have touched it many thousands of times over about 6 times each jump even though I hardly ever use it.

How long does it take for somebody to b 'familiar' with something?

That depends, some individuals never quite 'get it'. so that is why we have rules.

I bet none of us follow all the rulles as much as we would like to suggest that we do.

The question then comes down to; who has a good head on thier shoulders?

Some beleive hand cam is a bad idea alogether, these areusually not the ones with a good head on their shoulders.

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