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Dec 17, 2009, 3:16 PM

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Re: [jackwallace] Camp Lake Wisconsin

Hey Jack,
Hank, Jake, Joe Dog+dog and Ben Laycsak and myself all were there at one time, we moved out to Bong AFB just west of Kenosha and were operating out of a farmhouse flying a 180 leased from a guy in Chicago.
Jim Stoyas and his main squeeze Helene Tozier were also around the Pig Farm, we drug Barb Prouty along with us and a few of her friends made first jumps at Bong...a guy named Mike Dollard as well. Most of us had been jumping/flying at Rainbow and it was just closer to get to Bong, we converted a chicken coop into a packing area and slept in there at night on the tables. Our local bar was the Mars Cheese Castle out on the interstate.
Our runway was a tree lined lane that eventually opened up onto the open area, I can remember taking off and seeing trees about ten feet off each wingtip till you got in the clear.
Fun days for sure..
I remember Stoyas slamming into the roof of the barn at the PigFarm and sliding off, hitting the roof of an attached lean to shed and hitting the ground, groaning, "My leg, my leg, oohhh, my arm" neither of which were broken but severely bruised, he was trying to avoid the power lines on the road next to the farm.

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