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Dec 2, 2009, 11:02 AM

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Would like to tell the story of my new rig buying experience!!

Like most you, I came off of student status with a desire to own my own gear. Did my homework, jumped a couple different rigs, got the advice from my DZO/Rigger and went on a search for gear. I run across Karnage Krew’s website. Look at it top to bottom, and see the feedback they have on their site and on

I shoot them an email and get a fast response from Gary!!! What an awesome dude to work with. I give him my information, he offers a few suggestions and the next thing I know……I am ordering a brand new Vector 3 with all the options, a PD reserve and a Cypress. He is even setting me up with a payment plan!!!

If you do not know UPT is advertising a 22 week delivery time of custom containers!! No problem!! KK has this demo program. They send you your reserve and Cypress and send a demo container and a demo main to use until your new container and main are ready!!! At no extra charge! No more rental fees!! During or emails I find out that I am the FIRST person to take advantage of this!!

I receive a package from Aerodyne yesterday…… is a Pilot with ZPx DOM 10-15-09!! Can you believe it? My “demo” main is a brand spanking new Pilot!!! I cannot wait to see the “demo” container they are sending.

Gary and Karnage Krew kick ass!!! If you need gear, give them a shout. Gary answers emails at all times of the day. I do not think he sleeps. I will buy all of my gear from them!!!

I will post more as the rest of my gear arrives!!!

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