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Nov 26, 2009, 3:49 PM

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Re: [JohnnyZ] 30.000 US$ price money DUBAI SWOOP

Anybody know anything I don't?

Have you seen the news in the last 2 days? Stockmarkets worldwide affected by the current crisis in Dubai? A Dubai state subsidiary called Dubai World has liabilities of 36 billion, it has a subsidiary called Nakheel that built the Palm Islands development (you know the 'landing area' - the development/state the meet was supposed to promote). Dubai is now so fucked it is hoping a sister Emirate state (Abu Dhabi) will bail it out.

Regardless of the fact that this event would cost them peanuts to host I doubt they'd continue with it from a PR point of view (Dubai's total debt is 48 billion). The property market crashed in Dubai (down 40% this year).

Edited : => It is just my opinion that the meet won't go ahead and of course I could be wrong (again, just ask Tom B). Smile

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