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Nov 20, 2009, 1:35 PM

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Re: [DSE] Elsinore formation

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If you read you will see that it is 501(c)3 registered entity, a non-profit. From my perspective that means that any money I donate to the entity is eligible for a receipt and tax exemption.

Ah cool, sorry. Didn't realise that bit Smile

NPO or not, I don't think the financials are anyone's business. No one needs to know how much this event profited anyone, it's a business just like any other. It's none of my business how much you made last year any more than it's your business how much I made last year. NPO's allow for administrative fees to be part of the program, as fundraisers have to make a living too. There is nothing that says administrators of an NPO must be volunteers.

yes, they can legally take wages, reimbursements, advertisements, overhead, buy assets, etc out of the $ you donated to them. When they file a 990, they will also have to report the top ten paid/compensated individuals, which would be public... JFTC is no different.

but either way, that's not what or why I asked. As long as a fair portion of every dollar raised goes to charity, who cares what they do if you choose to participate in their events.

I asked what the actual total was since 5k was unexpected for 70+ people and makes it seem like some people didn't pay a donation in order to jump...

so I'm wondering if future events donations will be optional and if not, I pose the question should the US records be always associated with raise the sky or should they have their own fund raising events?. JFTC has their own nitch and can, but not always produce records.

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