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Joellercoaster  (D 105792)

Nov 9, 2009, 12:44 AM

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Re: [hackish] Re the Saber2 sucks!

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I think it's tough to criticize one of the most popular canopies in the air.

I don't.

I wouldn't say they suck exactly (I'm jumping a demo at the moment and quite like it) but with the exception of "hard opening" I'd say he's bang on.

The only things that seem to open more in almost as random directions (and less completely) than my Vision, no matter who the packer is, are the three or four Sabre2s I've borrowed at different times.

And before you all shout "body position", I'd ask why this doesn't happen to me on Pilots, Spectres or even that ZP.EXE a few weeks ago Tongue

Back to the Sabre2 for a moment: The openings seem to get better as they get smaller, and as other people have commented, it has a lovely graceful recovery arc and the flare is great.

Popular? Sure, and with reason. Hard to criticise? Nope.

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