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Oct 8, 2009, 10:38 AM

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Re: [kimemerson] Is the AFF rating too easy?

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Only doing the one jump - and nothing else - I was told very specifically that that was all. I'm not saying that was correct information but the person is an evaluator of good standing. Been at it - I think from AFF's inception. At least a ground prep and a written test makes more sense to me even though I still think it's a weak re-entry for someone who has not had a rating in about 8+ years. So what if I challenge and actually pass? I have maintained that you can do something right by mistake as well as something wrong. I could get lucky on one jump. I could have a weak evaluator. At this point a current evaluator could even be a former student of mine and might just throw me a bone, so to speak. One jump with or without any ground prep or written test just seems irresponsible to me. And it feels like USPA went in the completely wrong direction when they schemed that one. Can anyone challenge a course regardless of their history? What if someone has 1,000's of jumps, grew up on a DZ, has sat in on dozens of Level ground instructions, and anything else that makes him or her feel very ready. Can they simply challenge on their first time and theoretically be rated after one jump? If a rating has lapsed many years ago, what is the difference between the former holder and anyone else who has been around a while? How the hell can one jump quantify skill? We get rusty. We forget.

PPL that have never had a USPA AFF rating or do not hold a current foreign AFF rating can challenge the course. It requires 3 jumps, main side, reserve side Cat C (the old L3 release) and a Cat D (old L4) plus ground preps debriefing, written test etc.
All of this is in the IRM pg 54. It's too long for me to type it in.

I'm sure if you email Jim Crouch he can send you the section. It's AFF 1.F pg 54

Someone in the 'challenge' mode would not be able to pass unless they are familiar with the ISP and had the air skills to pass the eval jump (assuming a competent evaluator that presents roll-over, spin stopping and pull for student, esp on the one jump challenge)


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