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Premier Remster  (C License)

Oct 6, 2009, 7:33 AM

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Re: [wolfriverjoe] Subaru Outback ad campaign

An angry email to the dealership will do nothing.

Email sent to Namemedia.
To whom it may concern

I have been a long time user and participant in the forums, in fact being a moderator of two forums for several years. The new ad comapain you are promoting for Subaru is extremely invasive, and it prompted me to add an ad-blocker to my browser. Never before have I felt the need to use one, and in fact, I would rather not use one as sometimes, worthwhile images get blocked.

I would have been happy removing that functionality, but your decision to continue running that ad confirms my decision to keep the ad-blocker on. As a result, none of your advertisers will get any benefit from me seeing their ads. I know for a fact that many other users of are doing the exact same thing.

Best regards

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