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Sep 27, 2009, 6:12 AM

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Re: [RIGGER] Skyhook ?

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Smile Hi

You should keep this forum clean & not calling any product or mfg. the way you named the system in your post.

If you do not like the system - just say that and / or give a PRO list of Pros & Cons.

The skyhook has nothing to do with the Cessna accident - the item should not be there at first time & the owner should take care his lanyard is well coverd & protected.

The system have a lot of PROS & it is easy to handle if you know your work as a rigger & you know the spec. The main issue is that there are riggers in the market who does not know the system - not on the Vector & not on the Javelin.

Like any system on the market they might be issues as well which might be discoverd with the time or during action & being solved / clean after that.

Some will point to NC Tandem fatality few month ago - it all started from the TI error /Very LOW altitude deployment of the main (around 2500')

I saw some Vector, Sigma, Javelin deployments with Skyhook & also with the Staging Loop / Split lanyard on the Vector / Sigma - NO issues - worked great.

Your opinion will be well respected all time it will be "mouth clean" & PRO.

Think about !!!

LMAO LMAO LMAO LaughLaughLaughLaugh

That was hillarious. Great post mate.

First of all, I make a living by selling skydiving products.
Secondly, the comments I made were compliments in slang.

I am not going to change who I am because I sell a product.

I am not American, we have different slang compliments than you guys do. For example, you go up to a girl where I come from and say "Hey Dog', you are going to get knocked out. Though in America you have some fat guys on a family tv show calling everyone a dog.

Bees Knees, Mutz Nuts, 'is the shit', are very high praising compliments outside of America.

Sorry you only read the first line of my post and jumped to conclusions.

Thanks for your concern though.

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