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Sep 27, 2009, 5:31 AM

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Re: [bigway] Skyhook ?

Smile Hi

You should keep this forum clean & not calling any product or mfg. the way you named the system in your post.

If you do not like the system - just say that and / or give a PRO list of Pros & Cons.

The skyhook has nothing to do with the Cessna accident - the item should not be there at first time & the owner should take care his lanyard is well coverd & protected.

The system have a lot of PROS & it is easy to handle if you know your work as a rigger & you know the spec. The main issue is that there are riggers in the market who does not know the system - not on the Vector & not on the Javelin.

Like any system on the market they might be issues as well which might be discoverd with the time or during action & being solved / clean after that.

Some will point to NC Tandem fatality few month ago - it all started from the TI error /Very LOW altitude deployment of the main (around 2500')

I saw some Vector, Sigma, Javelin deployments with Skyhook & also with the Staging Loop / Split lanyard on the Vector / Sigma - NO issues - worked great.

Your opinion will be well respected all time it will be "mouth clean" & PRO.

Think about !!!

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