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Ahuey  (D 32634)

Aug 25, 2009, 9:11 PM

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Re: [subject21] Video of every tandem regardless of purchase

I am pretty sure that the DZ that you TI at has (2) 182s....
Probably does 8-12 tandems on each day of the weekend. That means that the tandems are taking a plane for the whole day if you have only 1 videographer. If you have a decent amount of fun jumpers and STUDENTS they are going to spend the majority of the day waiting to get on a load. Sure if someone pre-pays for video give them outside video. Why not send (2) tandems that are not pre-paying for video on the same load? Double the DZO's profit and you can wear a handcam too. Knock out the tandems during the cool early hours, while the up jumpers are still recovering from the night before. Give your students a good environment so they stay in the sport and come back to your dz. Free up your staff to do some coaching and 1st jump courses. At the same do what you can to keep the fun jumpers from traveling to a turbine DZ.

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