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Jul 14, 2009, 1:33 PM

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Re: [zachvantonder] 10 to 20 Hours tunnel time in 4 weeks?

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The questions are:
-is realistically possible to do around 10 to 20 hours of tunnel time in 4 to 5 weeks?
-where and who?
Yes, realistic -- if you show a big wad of green.

If you are willing to do 10 to 20 hours, you can afford to fly to the world's best tunnels that are currently offering the best deals. You'll probably want a good one, such as a recirculator -- they are smoother. Then again, the size of the chamber also has a factor (Eloy's nonrecirculator is really BIG, for example, and it's by an excellent skydiving resort. Eat, sleep, skydive, tunnefly!) -- bigger chamber often leads to fewer bruises, especially when learning difficult tricks that involves flips. On the other hand, If you chase the cheaper deals (~$500/hour which is super-cheap, many tunnels often approach $1000/hour) at places like SVNH and Freezone, you'll save plenty to pay for a vacation for yourself and the world's best freeflyer tunnel instructor to the tunnel location of your choice ;-) Although don't forget proximity to dropzones, since you'll want to apply your new-found freefly skills in the sky too! Maybe even with the same instructor (why not -- if you can afford it!)

Many can get used to it to the point where they can do 2 hours in one day (if you've got your "tunnel legs" then it consumes less energy than a 8-skydive-and-packjobs day), but it's brutal if you're not used to it. Realistically, limit it to 1 hour per day, unless you're very fit. Then some skydive break in between some of those hours. First time I flew in the tunnel, just doing 15 minutes made me sore, now flying for 1 hour makes me less sore than that first time.

First, this makes a big difference in reducing the chances of becoming sore: In preparation in the couple to few weeks prior, work out at your gym or any exercise that hits all the muscles you normally use during skydiving -- Definitely do those stretching exercises, especially those that pertain to your back and arching too. When you fly, spread the tunnel time out as much as you can, especially at first. The tunnel makes you very sore after a hard day if you're not used to it. Second, start very easy at first, 15 minutes on first day, 30 minutes on next day, 1 hour the next. If you're very fit, you can probably go straight into 1 hour a day first time around, but you'll be extremely sore. Be careful, for many people, 2 hours in one day is a lot.

I recommend, as you say, spreading it over 4 to 5 weeks, especially with rest days in between. Especially if you do schedule 1-hour days. And schedule PLENTY of jumps in the sky in between to allow you to 'apply' your skills. I think 30 hour and 1 hour tunnel days would be a sweet spot/compromise. (of course, broken into manageable rotations, in 15 minute batches, as they usually do -- to allow you to do video debriefs).

10 to 20 yours of tunnel time is going to probably make you a damn good freeflyer -- especially with skydiving breaks -- not many people can afford that much tunnel time in one month!

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