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VectorBoy  (F 321)

Jul 2, 2009, 12:59 PM

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Re: [bdrake529] Parachutist Editorial


If someone is motivated enough to end someone else's wingsuit teaching career by reporting them to the USPA, why can't they simply out them publicly in the current arrangement? No one is preventing a "BAD Wingsuit Instructor - Avoid these people" thread from popping up here on, or a "Wanted" style poster being put up at the DZ.
Yes you could have a sticky on this page featuring the culprits. There could be a section in each of the quarterly factory online newsletters. A little blurb in wingsuit world news. Scratch the names off the instructor roster. Nothing harsh mind you. Just something very diplomatic and professional. Then there is always a gentle reminder to those that apply to become a factory instructor. How its a serious responsibility, the publics perception of our beloved sport is at risk along with lives. How its a great honor and a priveledge, a priveledge that can be revoked if needed.

How about just as carefull screening of the instructor candidates as first flight candidates. " Why" do you wan't to become an instructor? To get rich, get chicks, get free suits, respect?

Nobody wants to be the bad guy, or the lead bad guy, when it comes to self policing. We want big brother to handle the dirty work and keep our hands clean.

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