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Jun 17, 2009, 2:07 PM

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Re: [Distabled] My latest jump

Hey Dale,
just wondering, what exactly are the requirements for an A in your end of the planet?

Here you can't get an A in 13 jumps -regardless of 'abilities' etc.

i.e. just to get the solo student status (self supervised-and not needing an instructor) you need to do back loop, front loop barrel roll, the 'ride the slide' (unstable exit-we cant be held on out the door the exit must be unstable itself and then regain stability)....

I noticed that your instructor held on, and then let you go for you to go do the unstable manouver and then regain stability...
good work on that for sure,
but I'm left wondering what exactly are the requirements there...

since here there is no way anyone can get A licence in 13 jumps....

Did you do barrel rolls ?(and if so how did that work out with the legs in the angle-since that is something that I can't imaigne how my legs could accomplish such a roll).

How about the backloops and front loops?

Interesting, IF we have different requirements that way, because what would happen if you were to come here to jump with me for example-or to the USA.. or UK.

Reason I wonder these things is still thinking of the
'demo' jump one day to Paralympic ceremonies-depending on which country they would be...
i.e. in UK I doudt either of us could ever be allowed to do it....\

BUT should it be then timed to do it 'down under' where it seems to be possible to get an A with a seriously different standards then in Canada for exa\mple...

that all poses something to think about in relation to travel, but as iomportantlu to the idea I still mull around in my head about an accuracy jump into paralym[pic ceremonies.

Hoping you can have a look at that stuff...\
because if your interested in such a jump in the future=it would be a serious consideration.

I have a friend here who is from Germanyh, been skydiving for 20 odd yrs total, and has international licence but yet the Canadian 'system' doesn't recognixze his licence and he is not infact licenced to do anything other then static line-as in a foirst jump course-
very discouraging for a great crewdog whose been jumping for decades-, coaching etc.
to find himself in a situation where his international licence is not recognizsed.

that sure was a nice video though.\
and i see you have the hip flexor issue resolved,\
was it threough physio and personal stretching,
or|??? equiptment?

(it's these types of 'requirements' in a country like mine that sends a gimp looking for the dark side and tossing pilot chutes with base gear-seems like it's the only way to jump around here 'freely'... IF only had the $$$ to move to your end of the world I might reconsider and try to go further with the skydiving-but as it stands now-my newest bsse gear is in the mail and should be here next week...

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