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Jan 22, 2009, 11:52 AM

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Re: [DSE] BOD Meeting Video

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I shot it in five parts, and uploaded the vid.
May do the same again, as I'll be in Reno, but no commitment to doing so just yet.
There will already be several hours of show floor and symposium video for us to edit/upload.

I think that having a camera running would be very useful at this meeting. This time around, we'll have the political wrangling for the executive committee, including President. How this works as I understand is that nominations for President for example are taken, we get Glen Bangs, and hopefully at least one more (not BJ Worth)! So, the candidates are each asked to step out of the room in turn, and while they are out, the rest of the BOD gives opinions regarding said candidate. It's been my understanding that Mr. Bangs can be a very "influential politician" when it comes to giving reasons why someone should not be considered as president. Point a camera at someone, and they'll very often "act different!" Yes, a candidate can and will be "accused", yet not offered the privilege of rebuttal. Any member can ask that the vote be secret on any motion, I guess that this is Roberts Rules, but I'm no expert (Glen seems to be a Roberts Rules of Order Expert though! "Dilatory! Point of order!") But I digress. The "candidate discussion" will be open, or at least has been open in the past. Don't get mad at me, I didn't make up this system!

Anyway with a video record, Mr. Bang's comments can be shared with all later in the bar, and/or on the internet. It was an open meeting.

Mr Bangs will preside as President, until the new President is elected. At that point the new Prez presides over the election of the rest of the Exec committee, and the rest of the meeting. I'm guessing that had Mr. Bangs not been reelected the job of residing would have followed a succession chain, or if Glen had provided his own travel, and accommodation expenses he could have ran the show for a short while?

So, who's up for two more years of of the Bangs Gang? The election was not the end, but the beginning! You bring the camera Douglas, and I'll bring popcorn for everyone! I'm spending $500+ to attend this thing, I want to be entertained!!!


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