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Dec 22, 2008, 9:55 PM

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Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, NZ

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Were you already a skydiver? Don't they have some sort of time in sport requirement (like 3 years in the US) before you can become a tandem instructor?

2 years in the sport and 1000 jumps to be a tandem instructor in New Zealand.

I did the course in 2002, I was jumping for a living within a year of my first jump and had a tandem rating a year and a half after that with 2200 jumps.

It is intersting to see people mocking the diploma corse when they have no clue of what it is about and seem to think it is impossible to make a good living as a professional skydiver.

I earned Over $1000 this week doing bugger all work and having 3 days off!, I earn over AUS$60k a year and my fiancee earns similar money doing a similar role (camera and rigging)
The diploma course is a really good start to a commercial skydiving career and anyone that really wants to be a commercial skydiver will not find a faster way to do so.

the diploma itself is worth nothing but the skills and attitude learned is worth everything.

To the original poster, I'll see you there in April when Leigh and I come to visit.

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