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Bolas  (D License)

Dec 15, 2008, 10:30 AM

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Re: [j_ung] Drunk Dial List Discontinued

Here is the unedited message that was posted in the now gone drunk dial forum.

Hey everyone!!!

The DDList is a changin'. New location, new format.

Back in the spring I was told the DDList was not part of the new direction for the site as it had become to cliquey. I agreed with it being cliquey but felt it could be changed and in fact needed to be changed to grow. However, the decision had been made to remove the forum, it just hadn't been done yet. With that in mind, I started looking at alternative ways to host/run the list. I wanted to get away from a centralized list to avoid some of the issues we had of people sharing numbers with others and allow individuals to choose whom they give their info.

It still hasn't been done, but that doesn't mean it won't and more importantly, once you are on the "chopping block" you are basically stagnated.

One of the people I contacted, Ben Lee, was working on a new centralized skyding webforum for dropzones, clubs, etc, similar to which he also created while part of the Georgia Tech skydiving club. The new site is called Those of you that have Roaming DZ accounts already have access.
A blurb about Ben:

The Drunk Dial Forum works differently as the forum is open to everyone but each person controls who can access their number.
Here's a quick how to:

There will also be the current list accessible to only the current members who create accounts over there. No new members will be added and very few if any changes to the list will be done. The current list should be considered as a way to ease the transition.

Ben can automatically create deactivated accounts that only require you to activate via your email and assign a password. I'll send him the current usernames that I have emails for in the next week or so. Let me know if you do not want to be included.

I have no waying of knowing what will happen with the current list on but will continue to maintain it, if allowed.

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