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Oct 12, 2008, 2:47 PM

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Hi all.

I recently did a tandem skydive for charity. I loved it so much that I am now hooked and want to do either the AFF or RAPS Course. The problem is, that I have Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dependant) and realise this could cause a problem. My Diabetes is extremely well controlled and can see no reason why I would be any more risk than anybody else. I have however been told by somebody that the BPA WILL NOT let me fly and if they did, I would have restrictions imposed on me. However I have found out that somebody called Tony Goodman (Silver Stars CCI) has Type 1 Diabetes and he is a pro and does not have any restrictions (that I know of anyway) Does anyone else have Diabetes or could advise me on what to do?UnsureUnsureUnsure


I have excatly the same problem... (I have 1 type diabetes -in pretty good control and I want to jump in UK) but I have aready done 8 jumps (RAPS) this summer - outside the UK - I'm not british citizen. Diabetes in not a problem for me to jump and shouldn't be for others - simplyfy before jump check your sugar level eventualy eat sth. - That all. Nowadays is pretty simple.

In BPA they told me that I should call to dr carter's Surgery. Did you speak with him? and what did he said?
Please let me know.

P.S. DIABETES IN NOT A EPILEPSY! We know how to the best protect your selfs.

Blue skies,

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