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Aug 19, 2008, 3:53 PM

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Re: [whoops] Diabetic skydiver - should I?

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too many words, sry for this long talking
I'm in sport 8 yrs, DM type I, insuline dependent, 260 jumps, freefall sometimes daily 4-5 times 1200-4000 meters, live in Europe. I never had problem with DM and skydiving. Doctors said "You must stop skydiving 'cos DM I", I asked "WHY?". Because "you can be in unconsciousness and without control, you can die", or more stupid words about this... I never in my live lost consciousness, why now? I have food, I have unit to control sugar in my blood, I have insuline, I have informations... I have training, I'm ready for skydive better then my partners in aircraft, check myself more and better then they... I never jumped and will never jump without AAD ON ...What am I.... IDIOT? NO, I'm not. I'm considering in best sport in whole world....
Every authorities who required medical something to this sport are F...... 'cos by my opinion, who jumps ALONE from aircraft with AAD, selfcontrol and brain have no problem with his medical pieces of ... I know about many cases when heathfully jumper died AND???? I will die too, what is a problem???

p.s.: I'm not naturally borned U.S. or english speaking citizen so be patient pls... THANX

Welcome to my neighbour from Slovakia;) Okey......... what I am try to tell You that... I DID IT!!!! WinkCool I have done 4 jumps in spite of stupid (extreemly stupid) law in my country and I am very happy because of this. Skydiving is the best thing I have ever done and diabetes is not a problem (my doctor has exactly the same opinion!) but officer (doctor) from Aviation Office has not.
Before jumps I always control my sugar level, I have a lots of food in DZ, I have sweets im my pocket, I have ADD on and I have mind - that is the most important thing. I'm very carefull and this is pretty much it.

I'm going to do another jumps. :)

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave me a bravery to do that and for your honest opinios.

Blue skies!Cool

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