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PWScottIV  (B 30429)

May 12, 2008, 11:25 AM

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Re: [mciocca] ATMONAUTI

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Yo scott,

Shouldnt you be out there working on improving that really bad freefly body position you have as your profile pic, rather than trashing disciplines whithin our sport you have no understanding about? Go do something worthwhile, or is this as close as it gets? Tongue
Well, I'm surprised you couldn't tell from the picture, I was working on perfecting my asscheekmonauti. I only have about 100 jumps, so I'm still working on getting my freefall speeds below 80mph... I know that's still pretty fast, but I don't have my astronaut license from your program yet, nor have I mastered Relative Gravitational Wind... JP has been showing me the ways of the force though... Thanks for asking him to help me!

Also, I really have to know... Why did you try to take the credit for theorizing Relative Gravitational Wind? JP isn't very happy about that. Not cool man.Mad

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